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My love for the American Bulldog started in Oct. 2008 when a friend of mine had a litter and I claimed the only female as mine. Sally Dawn is the light of my life! Amy warned me that they were addictive and I wouldn't be able to stop at one. I laughed at her! Now she is laughing at me cause as you can see I no longer have only one.

I was born into a family of dog breeders and showers. My mom has raised several different breeds of dogs over the years. I have been involved with dogs all my life and started showing while involved in 4-H.

Since starting my venture into the AB world, I have visited several kennels and acquired a few more pups to add to my bunch. Thus marking the beginning of HardDrive American Bulldogs!              

My Dogs are registered NKC, UKC, ABRA, and ARF. 

 I have 100% Johnson and Johnson Types

 all dogs over a year old are pen/hipp and elbows ofa'd


Feel free to contact us, we love to talk bulldogs!


Brian and Tina Pigott

298 Log Cabin Drive

Belleville, WV 26133

 (304) 863-8435  Home

(304) 482-4627  Cell

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just some framed fun for you to enjoy!!

my grandson Gavin Ray and Sally Dawn

using his tail as a kickstand!!

Gizzy & Belladonna                    

Bringing Kimmy home!

Hillbilly pup

Kimmy playin with Freeze